Ollie Stoten


The first half of the year was mainly spent working towards passing final exams for medicine and my ‘A’ race: 110km Ultimate Trails in the Lake District; whilst finding commercial sponsors for SPEAR17 and planning all the nutrition for the expedition… I had to be pretty sensible and prioritise medicine, and with the Antarctica Traverse looming, training for the race was going to be a bit different.

By this time last year I’d been running hard for 4 months, had the race of my life at Country to Capital, raced OK at XNRG’s Pilgrim Challenge and been out for the Tri Training Harder Team launch in Portugal. This year has been very different.

Summer is over (for me). No more bronzing myself in true student fashion. Final year has started. Time is squeezed. A routine has been settled back into and I’ve finally started training again. Time to have a good think about what makes the biggest differences in training, and what gives me the best chance of staying healthy and injury free. Training for and racing multiple ultras a year takes a huge toll on the body and… Read More

So in the midst of trying to get back to running I had booked a couple of weeks abroad with my partner-in-crime for a well earned mix of sun, chill and training. I had intended to be running around like a boss covering huge distances but that obviously wasn’t going to be the order of the day. What ensued instead was a fierce re-introduction to cycling (doubling my 2015 total distance in the… Read More

InDurance is one of my little projects. Something on my mind that I’m hoping will develop and grow into a much bigger project. What is InDurance? InDurance is the crossroads between health, technology and performance. It is the brainchild of a sports medic, looking to take the guess-work out of performance and the health of normal athletes, weekend warriors, part timers, not just elites. The idea of using blood biomarkers to determine… Read More

As athletes, fit and healthy individuals, we are perfect blood donors, but don’t often ever get round to donating.
Why not?