Ollie Stoten


I had my first experience of using an InDurance Pico kit the other day as a tester of what the whole set-up was like. With a very impressive set-up, here is a quick review of what the product is: Firstly ‘Pico’. Well ‘Pico’ is the metric prefix to mean 10(-12), or trillionth, and also means ‘peak’ in Spanish; so I figure they’ve used the term for measuring tiny amounts to attain peak… Read More

InDurance is one of my little projects. Something on my mind that I’m hoping will develop and grow into a much bigger project. What is InDurance? InDurance is the crossroads between health, technology and performance. It is the brainchild of a sports medic, looking to take the guess-work out of performance and the health of normal athletes, weekend warriors, part timers, not just elites. The idea of using blood biomarkers to determine… Read More