InDurance – Initial thoughts

InDurance is one of my little projects. Something on my mind that I’m hoping will develop and grow into a much bigger project.

What is InDurance?

InDurance is the crossroads between health, technology and performance. It is the brainchild of a sports medic, looking to take the guess-work out of performance and the health of normal athletes, weekend warriors, part timers, not just elites.

The idea of using blood biomarkers to determine when you are healthy and can train, versus when you are overstepping the mark and really should take a step back. Sure, intuition and common sense can tell you this. But intuition and common sense can only go so far. 

There are times when you might be under performing and you just can’t understand why. Or when training and racing is going really well, and you’re wondering how much more is left in the tank to keep pushing.

Elite athletes may have this ingrained/learned mechanism to tell them when to let off, but not all of us have developed that yet. I’m not saying I’m some gung-ho lunatic, but there is a fine line between pushing boundaries and overstepping them.

Why am I bothered? – athlete Ollie

I’ve certainly walked that line before. Recently.

So this idea appeals to me. The idea that we might be able to use blood biomarkers to give us an idea when we are just tired from cumulative training stress, but still plenty left in the tank, or tired because our immune system is drained, and if you carry on you’ll get man flu (a very serious condition, women – do not underestimate this).

Some biological things are easily fixable, and some things aren’t.

Low iron stores? Well that could be form a variety of problems, but not eating enough is pretty damn fixable. Low vitamin D? Again, diet and sunlight exposure = get outside and eat more yummy fish. So if these things are so easily fixable, but have the potential to be so destructive to your performance, why not measure them and fix them?

Rubbish genes? Thats something you can’t change. You’re born with them; they’ve been pretty set in stone since that time your Mum and Dad….well…. you get my point. So if you can’t change them, why measure them?

Yes there is the epigenetics argument for super-geeks, but this isn’t on a day-to-day month-by-month scale; just stay healthy, don’t smoke and at least you’re children and children’s children will have a good chance.

Why am I bothered? – geeky Ollie

This is pretty damn interesting stuff. Can we catch problems before they manifest themselves into something truly nasty?

This is prehab. And prehab is arguably The Don of all medicine. Prevention is better than cure. How many lives are saved by vaccinations every year? How many heart attacks and strokes are prevented by diet and exercise?

But what about prevention in the world of the elite athlete, and more importantly, the world of the weekend-warrior athlete. Elites have teams of people around them to keep them healthy. Weekend-warriors don’t, and are the people most affected by poor diet, poor sleeping hygiene, poor training balances; all preventable (and curable…) problems that just aren’t being picked up because…well because you haven’t got a team of professionals around you fussing about your health.

This is where I think InDurance really has legs. I’d love to see it prevent problems: prevent weekend-warriors’ training and racing going down the pan, just because they didn’t know any better. More selfishly, prevent me becoming unwell, and allow me to leave no stone unturned in the search of running far and fast. Come with me on this journey?

4 Comments on “InDurance – Initial thoughts

    • Finger-prick blood test essentially. Fill a small bottle and send it off to their labs, then the InDurance guys can interpret it and give you a report. I’ll write my next blog on using the system for the first time!


      • How much does it cost per go? Is this a thing you’d do on a weekly basis or a couple of times a year?


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