Looking on the bright side of disappointment

I’ve been chomping at the bit for the last few days waiting to hear the result of the Spartathlon ballot. Why? Because I want to do this race. Really badly. Like really really want to do this race. It doesn’t claim to be much, except 246km through the high September sun in Greece, following in the footsteps of the ancient greek messenger, Pheidippides.

Its one of the originals. Its a classic. And of all the runners who have done it – most say its the most difficult and satisfying effort they’ve done. Period.

But I’ve not got in.

I made the qualification standards, but not through the ballot. Its a ballot, its random, this happens, but I still got a pang of disappointment in my stomach.

Let’s take a look at the other side of this though. I’m still young and trying to figure out how the hell you run these ridiculous distances…. time is on my side; I’ve got an awesome season coming up (which has started quite nicely); I’m racing abroad twice already at the Maxi-Race and CCC; not doing Spartathlon opens up the end of the season to do another race instead, learn more about myself, about pacing, about nutrition, more experience, become a better runner, finish with a bang. So I’m setting my sights on the Autumn 100, a chance to try and do the 100 mile distance properly, get it right, or at least learn more about getting it right.

I’ve done two Centurion Running events before, and they were faultless. Well the organisation was faultless, my running definitely wasn’t. So I know this will be a great event, and I’ll hold out for reasonable weather in mid-October. It won’t quite be Greek summer weather, but at least I’m used to running on muddy English trails in overcast and rainy conditions…

Today marks the day when I start running again after a mid-season break / recovering from injury / building a proper strength base / ironing out the creases – whatever you want to call it (more on that in the next blog…), and its the day when I know what the season looks like, know what the end goal is, know what I’m working towards, and I’m excited. Very excited. This is an awesome opportunity.

Can I go quick at the 100 mile distance?

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